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The Opinion of my Customers

PULS GmbH has collaborated with Mr. Jean-Marc Tapernoux for a number of years. His translations from English or German into French include leaflets, articles, technical data sheets as well as various types of documents posted on the Internet. We greatly appreciate Mr. Tapernoux’s approach to his work, which is marked by determination, self-sufficiency, prudence, precision and punctuality. The quality of his translations can be accepted without significant modifications, which is rare in our field of expertise. Mr. Tapernoux’s unique skill sets often render the translated work superior to the original. We especially appreciate his consistency and attentiveness to choice of language when using specialized terminology as well as direct contact with the translator. We look forward to continuing our valuable collaboration in the future. Bloc secteur Puls
Ing. Michael Raspotnig, Senior Design Engineer R&D, PULS GmbH, 81925 Munich,

We have worked with Mr. Tapernoux for some time with the highest professional regard. In particular, I admire his talent and persistence in expanding his knowledge of new technical fields as well as his proficiency in communicating complex subjects and ideas proficiently, and in a way that is understandable. All of this has persuaded me to retain his services despite my own professional re-orientation. Echangeur de chaleur
Martin Kamber, Head of Energy Supply, IWB Industrielle Werke Basel, 4002 Basel,

A big thank you for your excellent work. Electrocylindre GSX
Sonja Eisenstein, Marketing and Communikation, Parkem SA Motion Control, 5405 Baden-Dättwil,

Innolutions is active throughout Switzerland in the fields of industrial electronics and road and rail technology. It is essential for us to provide accurate and professional translations for our French-speaking clients. Mr. Jean-Marc Tapernoux consistently delivers the excellent level of service that we require. We appreciate the expertise with which he does his work, the straightforward work relationship, and the overall pleasant atmosphere of our collaboration. We can recommend Mr. Tapernoux without reservation. Bahnübergang Micro
Marco Suter, Director, Innolutions GmbH, 5432 Neuenhof,

Jean-Marc Tapernoux has done several technical translations for our company pertaining to the fields of energy, hydraulic machinery and equipment. We have always been very satisfied with his translations. In particular, we appreciate the care given to research as well as his willingness to ask questions in order to assure the accuracy of the translation. We look forward to continuing our collaboration. Pelton
Nicole Weiss, weiss traductions, 8026 Zurich

SCHWEIZER ELECTRONIC, European leader in automated protection systems for rail transport of people and goods, as well as manufacturer of high availability radio control systems, requires translations that are both technically accurate and of high quality. Skill, consistent terminology, high quality wording, ease of communication and due regard for deadlines, this is what we expect. We have collaborated with Mr. Tapernoux for over ten years. He has translated instruction manuals, assembly and maintenance instructions, research and development reports, as well as leaflets and proposals. We are extremely satisfied with the quality of his services. Locomotive de manoeuvre Cargo
Gerhard Jordi, Head of the Radio Systems Department, Schweizer Electronic, 6260 Reiden,

For several years now, Mr. Tapernoux has translated our technical documents from English and German into French. Our product range consists of material and equipment used in electronics, classical and electronic optics, micro-mechanics, photovoltaic technology, in the fabrication of semi-conductors as well as in industrial and academic research and development. Thus the translator must not only be proficient in language translation, but also have a wide range of technical knowledge. Mr. Tapernoux fulfills both of these requirements. He has translated a variety of different documents for us, including flyers, press releases, technical articles and Internet pages. Printplatte
Esther Schlatter, Director, Polyscience AG, 6330 Cham,

For a number of years now, Mr. Tapernoux has done technical translations for us from German to French (building physics and technology, insulation): countless technical documents, correspondence and translations for our Internet site. We greatly appreciate Mr. Tapernoux’s timely and skillful work as well as the excellent value for the money. Mur et escalier
Eugen Bächler, Director, Huber-Bautechnik AG, 3027 Berne,

PULS Switzerland has worked with Mr. Tapernoux for more than 15 years now. We are continually appreciative of the high quality of Mr. Tapernoux’s translations. 3 blocs secteur Puls
Heinz Setz, Director, PULS Electronic GmbH, 5108 Oberflachs,

We would like to offer you our thanks for your excellent translations over the years. You have consistently fulfilled our orders with a high quality and timely product: technical translations, sales programs, direct mail advertising, technical data sheets etc. A big thank you as well for a very pleasant working relationship. Capteurs de pression monolithiques
Christina Nelson, Dietrich + Blum AG, 8304 Wallisellen,

For more than 10 years Jean-Marc Tapernoux has done German to French translations for the Evangelical Missionary Alliance, in particular for the quarterly magazine "Allons". We are more than happy to highlight the excellent quality of Mr. Tapernoux’s translations, his rigorous attention to detail, his professionalism, without neglecting to mention his availability and attentiveness to deadlines. We highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking for a quality translator. Allons 2102
Christophe Reifsteck, Director for French-speaking Europe, 1401 Yverdon-Les-Bains,

Jean-Marc is a pleasure to work with.
Michael Rosato, Lexpress International, Inc., Norwalk, CT 06850, USA,

Jean-Marc provided fast turnaround and reliable service, would definitely work with him again.
Locution25, Northampton, MA 01060, USA

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