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Welcome to the technical and scientific translation website of Jean-Marc Tapernoux

Offered Languages

This service will translate your English or German texts into French while fully taking into account their technical content. Every translation is proofread by a third party to check its style.

Types of Documents Accepted

Manuals and handbooks, procedures and directives, datasheets, flow charts, Web pages, quotes, correspondence, press releases, management reports, flyers, newsletters, mass mailings, etc.

File Formats

To the extent possible, all original formatting is retained, except where text length changes due  to translation. You will not spend any time painfully reformatting your translated document to fit your original intentions.

The following file types are accepted:

Terminological Consistency

Much attention is devoted to this important aspect of translation. Where possible, providing the resources below will greatly help the translator respect terminology that is specific to your company: Samples of similar texts previously translated, documents on the same topic (in English, German or French) and references to other sources (web addresses, etc.) providing examples of the terminology specific to your discipline.


To protect your business privacy, I do not use online translation (Google Translate, Bing Translate, Systranet etc) and do not save files online (Dropbox or other).